Friday, 25 September 2009

Falling into Change

Well feel my last blog was a little bit down as I was still feeling the pain of the V Festival but never a fairy to keep her wings down for long I'm now back fluttering forward into autumn.

Things have been hectic as ever here at Fairy Finesse, we recently attended the Essex Country Show which is held at Barleylands Farm, Billericay, only about half an hour from here. This made it possible to travel up each day and come home which is always an easier option than camping.

I didn't have any great hopes for this event as I wasn't sure how much people spend at this type of family day out, so I was very pleased to find sales far outreached my expectations. I did a steady trade in tutus and fairy bits and pieces.

I am in the process of launching a new branch to my fairy tree, in the guise of 'Dotsy Daisy', a completely handmade boutique selling a range of totally scrumptious girly goodies. A few things inspired from my fairy creations including some new tutus but in the totally softest tulle ever, but a large part of the boutique will be fabulous and funky hair accessories. More to come on that later....

I also have a new job starting new week as a Community Arts Officer for Disability Essex. I'm very excited about getting started on this project.

Fairy Finesse will of course keep going, maybe with a few less parties for the time being but I will still be selling my fairy wares whenever and whereever possible.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

V Festival 2009

What a waste of time, money and energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not a good one this year, we were in an appalling trading position and hardly saw anyone all festival. It was hard to believe that just further down hill were thousands upon thousands of people.What more can I say, we did however manage to snap a couple of good photos.

Womad 2009

Sorry I'm so behind with this blog, no excuse really apart from the long school holidays, busy being a mum rather than a fairy!

This was our first year at Womad and we arrived on site a day later than we should of which had caused me a great deal of stress. However after a 5am start we arrived to sunny skies and a lovely pitch in the campsite area. I was slightly surprised at this as it hadn't been what I had expected, but it turned out to be a good space with plenty of people passing by all weekend.

The kids zone was massive and full of fun things to keep my little ones busy with Gina once again on hand to keep them happy. Saff was once again my reluctant fairy helper (how can you not want to be a fairy?) We did a steady trade in tutus and fairy goodies and enjoyed the good weather on Saturday. I managed to flatten my car battery running my cool box, so was unable to shut the electric windows meaning a spent too much time trying to cover it with a tarpaulin. In the end Dan had to come to the rescue with a battery charger, it wouldn't be a festival if something didn't go wrong.

Unfortunately by Sunday lunchtime the weather took a turn for the worst, with rain, rain and more rain! There was a fabulous parade round the festival site and it was a shame the rain had come but it didn't seem to dampen anyones spirits. Dan and the little ones went home Sunday evening leaving Saff and me to pack up ready for home Monday morning.

I really enjoyed this festival but it was incredibably tiring with long trading days and music blasting out right next to us all night long. It took me about a week to recover afterwards rather than the usual day or two.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Guilfest 2009

Well with a happy heart and a flutter in my wings I set off with Saff for Guilfest once more. This was my favourite festival last year so I was happy to be on my way. We arrived on site in plenty of time and after a quick lunch of cold pizza we were allocated our pitch.

Several hours later our stall was up and stock was out so we headed off into Guildford in search of food. Having located a Sainsburys we attempted to park in the multi-storey, and promptly got stuck. I had forgotten that I had my roof box on my car, all very embarrissing as we had to get out and take it off the roof and put it in the car in order to get back out!!! For followers of my blog you'll be aware this isn't the first daft incident that has occured with my roof box. I think I was so relieved to have left the trailer at the festival site (as I can't reverse with it) that I didn't even think of the box. Well now you know I'm a bit of daft fairy sometimes.

Friday dawned bright and dry and we did a steady trade in tutus. Dan, Jess and the kids arrived Friday evening and so did the rain. Luckily the site never got too muddy although the kids managed to find the few bits that were!

Saturday we cheated and dashed off to my mums for breakfast and showers and returned refreshed to turn everyone into fairies. Once again the tutus being the most popular item. The day was spent dodging the rain, putting the stock out the front of the stall and then just as quickly bringing it back in again. Sunday weather was much the same, warm but showery. Overall we had fun and are now back once again making more tutus for Womad our next festival.

Monday, 6 July 2009

The Fling

Saturday was spent at The Fling, a mini festival for adults held in the park in Chelmsford. Fairy Finesse were running willow wing making workshops and I was allocated a lovely teepee which I was able to decorate and turn into our fairy grotto.

Unfortunately my friend who was meant to be helping me had to pull out at last minute so I was a lonesome fairy who ended up being rushed off her feet (or should that be wings!!).

The workshops proved very popular and I had to limit numbers purely due to the space available inside the teepee. The wings made were all excellent and each pair totally unique which was lovely to see.

I am now a busy fairy once more making fairy finesse tutus for Guilfest this coming weekend.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

3 Foot People Festival

Well this one wasn't a fairy event just something I was asked to help with. This was the Enchanted Forest workshop I have been working on for the last few weeks.

Overall I think the workshop went well and seemed fairly popular. The trees resembled trees so that was a good start and they looked really nice once the children started decorating the recycled items to put on them. We also made butterflies with the children out of coffee filters and pipe cleaners. I worked yesterday at the event but spent today there with my youngest just enjoying the main different activities available.

We made a fairy crown with the Fairyland Trust, we made necklaces and bracelets, a wonderful fish out of willow and of course butterflies. The sun shone and the park looked wonderful with all the different coloured tents and flags.

I am now busy preparing for the weekends event, The Fling. This is a mini festival for over 18's held at the same venue as the 3 Foot People event. This time I will be representing Fairy Finesse with a willow fairy wing workshop. I currently have my willow soaking in the kids paddling pool!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Freedom Fun Festival

I set off with my youngest fairy in tow on Thursday afternoon to set up for the Freedom Fun Festival. We stopped on route to collect my mum, after a refreshing cup of tea we all got loaded back in the fairy machine only to find it wouldn't start!! After calling out the breakdown service it was confirmed my battery had died so we due to time delays of getting and fitting a new one, we didn't actually get to the festival site that day. Friday morning we set off bright and early and soon arrived and got the stall set out. However there didn't appear to be anyone there apart from people working at the festival so we deceided to leave early.

Saturday was spent at a Fairy Birthday Party, and Dan went down to the festival. He reported back that although fairly quiet, people loved our fairy goodies so all was not lost. I set off once again for the festival Sunday morning with all my fairy clan in tow but was a little amazed to find them taking down the stage when we got there. After milling around we eventually discovered due to poor attendance they had had to make the sad decision to close early. This was a little dissapointing as we had been all set for another day and in the end it felt a bit of a waste of time but still the sun was shining and my two little ones had a great time. Someone inventive had pegged out a large tarpaulin and given the kids a large bucket of water, they then amused themselves for hours.

I am now back to preparing for this weeks 3 Foot High Festival and then the Fling at the weekend. I am going to be a busy fairy and feeling a little frazzled in the heat although it is beautiful out there.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Freedom Fun Festival This Weekend

The fairies are flying off in their grotto once again this weekend to the Freedom Fun Festival at Knockhatch in Sussex. This is a new event so not sure what to expect but the website promises;
Freedom Fun Festival is a new three day event set in fields and woodland of the Sussex Downs just outside Brighton, which takes place from Friday 26th until Sunday 28th June.
An intimate gathering for people of all ages, the fun family festival aims to be a celebration of music, dance, song, healing and friendship within a safe, fun and magical space. As well as an array of talented musicians, festival goers get the opportunity to take part in a variety of workshops, breathe in the country air, have a massage, drink cold beer, lick an ice-cream, watch a show, or even be in one! There's a chance to have a dance, do some yoga, be immersed in the healing sounds of a gong bath, wander the fields and natter with fellow festies. Or find our hobgoblin area with its tiny wine bar and have a tarot reading.
Children can find traditional story-telling in the kids tipi tent, take part in street dancing or circus skills, stroke a shetland pony and munch on mini pancakes.
Saturday day sees an Art Auction being opened by mezzo soprano Victoria Gray, followed by a magnificent fire show on Saturday night courtesy of Poi Passion.

Friday, 19 June 2009

The Fairy Girlies Collection

Let us introduce you to the fairy girlies. They are a bunch of fairy friends who cute, sassy and most of all out to have fun with their fairy frolics.

Designed by Olive O'Keefe exclusively for Fairy Finesse. Olive is a very talented lady who is amazingly creative. To find out more about Olive and see examples of her work please check out her blog on the links on the right.

The Fairy Girlies are currently available on both children's and adult's white cotton t-shirts. They also come on canvas shoppers and canvas backpack totes. For pricing and sizing please check out our website So now all you have to do is decide which fairy girlie is you?......

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Mooch With The Fairies 2009

Well last weekend was spent mooching with the fairies at Groombridge Place nr Tunbridge Wells. This was the second year we had attended and once again we were impressed with how beautiful the place was.

The sun shone down for the whole weekend and everywhere you looked there was a fairy walking by. Unfortunately the event was not as busy as last year but we still had fun catching up with old fairy friends.

The fairies are resting next weekend (well working in their grotto anyway). I am planning a workshop for the 3Foot High Festival in Chelmsford, which is an annual event for pre-schoolers and their carers. This is an extremely popular event which always sells out. The children's charity Kids Inspire (find out more in the links on the right) have asked me to run a workshop for them, so I am hoping to have an Enchanted Forest, where the children can paint,colour and glitter lots of recycled itmes to hang on trees I have made. I have spent this morning painting tree branches, loads more still to go.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wychwood Festival 2009

Well this was our first trip to Wychwood and one we really enjoyed. The festival is based on Cheltenham racecourse so admittedly parts of the site looked a bit ugly but the main arena was predominantly grassed and was lovely.

Luckily for us fairies my in-laws live just near the site so I was able to drop the little people there for the afternoon while Sapphire and myself set up the stall. There were the usual delays with getting our pitch sorted but it was worth the wait as I felt we had a good spot with loads of room for our massive tent behind (always a problem!) After collecting the little people again and get them settled we plodded on with set up until it got dark, when we discovered our lights had packed up again!! After a late night dash to collect our lovely new festival nanny Gina from the station, and then a lovely cup of tea and a natter, I was more than ready for my sleeping bag.

Friday dawned hot and sunny so we ploughed on with the stall only to later discover the festival didn't start till 5pm not lunchtime as we had been told. The kids were also frustrated as the kidszone didn't start till then either. However it was too hot to get cross, the was nothing for it but to enjoy the sunshine. When the festival did eventually start, trade was steady with tutus our most popular item. Dan arrived around 10pm as my knight in shining armour as he had come armed with new fuses for my stall lights, finally there was light.

Saturday was another hot and sunny day (very rare in the festival world) and trade was steady all day. The kids and Gina enjoyed the kidszone which I thought was really good. My little fairy absolutely loved the willow wigwam and spents ages weaving ribbons onto it.

Sunday was again hot but was a slow day for us and quite a few other traders. People were there but not really looking round the stalls which was a shame. There were lots more chairs in the main areana (never a good sign) I think maybe everyone was just hot and tired by then.

I didn't take many photos this time, I was being too lazy to dig my camera out for most of the festival but did manage to capture a few of our customers, I think the heat got to me.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Radio 1 Big Weekend

Well I'm a bit late writing up about the Radio 1 Big Weekend, but better late than never. It has been so hectic here at Fairy Finesse since our return that I haven't had a chance and then as the days go by inspiration on what to write also fades.

Anyway this was a strange event, I felt. Lots of people but the site never seemed very busy probably due to the fact that most people headed straight for the main stage tent and didn't really move again.

The weather forecast had been mixed for the weekend so it was with some trepidation I set off on my own for Swindon early Friday morning. It was long before the rain was pouring down and it felt slight strange listening to the Chris Moyles show on the radio talking about the festival site when your on your way there. Miraculously just as I pulled off the motorway the rain stopped and the sun came out. Pitching a stall in the rain is miserable I think theres only one thing worse and thats the wind. By the time we were allowed onto site (the bigger the festival the more hassle everything ends up being)the wind was blowing furiously across the park. After helping the ladies next to me pitch their tent I attempted to pitch my own stall and thankfully the said ladies then helped me, as it took three of us nearly an hour to get the stall up and pegged down as the wind kept moving it.

I spent Friday enclosed in my stall trying to set up while the tarpaulins took a battering from the wind. Around 5pm the wind suddenly ceased to my relief and I was able to press on with sorting out stock. It was with much joy when I received word that my fairy clan had arrived to help, it's always much easier dealing with any hassles when your not on your own.

Saturday dawned dry and at times sunny and come midday the crowds poured in, despite this the day felt fairly quiet. Sunday was much the better day for lovely sunshine and the site also felt busier and had alot more atmosphere. I didn't catch much of the music as I was on the stall but I did see Snow Patrol who were great and also the sound clash with Vernon and Peter Tong. The main tent was packed solid for the Prodigy who started their set but then the power went out and they had to go off. Fortunately things were soon up and running again otherwise there would of been alot of disgrunted people. The noise and vibrations coming from them set off loads of car alarms on the site so along with them you could hear a constant beeping noise.

Overall although not a busy festival for us we enjoyed ourselves and it got us back in the swing of the festivals ready for the season ahead.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Elf Fantasy Fair 2009

Well we have arrived back from the Elf Fantasy Fair, at the Castle De Haar, Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

We traded there last year but my husband came with me then, this year it was just me and Sapphire Fairy so I was very apprehensive about driving all the way there. I only booked the Euro Tunnel at about 11pm the night before we were due to leave as I was still unsure of going. My husband waved me off before 6am the next morning and before we knew it we were through the tunnel and motoring along in France. The journey overall was good apart from getting lost in Antwerp and getting continually beeped at for my appalling driving there.

Thursday afternoon was spent setting up the stall. Friday was spent was again trying to make the stall look as colourful and fairyish as possible, it is unbeliveable just how long you can spend doing this. Trixie Fairy and Moe the Irish Fairy arrived harrassed and tired at about 6.30pm. Moe was running the Fae Magazine stall and Trixie was selling her Fairy Kisses jewellery on our stall.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and we had a wonderful and busy day selling loads of tutus, wings and other fairy goodies. The costumes were amazing and the people as lovely as ever.

I woke up at 5am Sunday morning to the sound of rain, never good, so I hastily went back under the duvet for more sleep. At 7am it had stopped so I was keen to get to the stall and see if any leaks had sprung, however by the time we arrived there so had the rain and the first few hours of Sunday were spent we arranging our stall to allow everything to be brought inside the shelter part. We were told it would be sunny later but I was a doubting fairy I'm afraid, however I was proved wrong and it was lovely and warm and bright by the afternoon. The day progressed with steady sales so I was a happy fairy. The stressful part of this event is always the packing down which is done on the Sunday evening. You can only bring your vehicle in at your allocated time slot which makes it all a big rush. Sapphire and I rushed to pack up as much as the stall as possible before I had to go to the car park to await my time slot, you then spend the next hour standing in the car park waiting and by the time you bring the car in to your stall you have to pack it in the pitch dark, never easy.

We left Moe and Trixie at 10pm when the headed off to try and hitch a lift back to Utrecht which left me slightly uneasy but having spoke to Trixie since they obviously managed ok!

I have a Fairy Dress Up Party this Saturday and then we are off once again to our next festival, the Radio 1 Big Weekend at Swindon. Looking forward to this once we sort out the usual logistical nightmare of juggling the little fairies and goblin around getting to the festival and setting up.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

More Tutus Now Complete

The fairies have been busy completing more faiy tutus including some new tyed ones shown above. These can be made in either adult or childrens sizes, they usually contain a mixture of net and ribbon with flower detail to the front. Adult £15.00, childs £12.00.
Grab them while there still here.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Radio 1 Big Weekend

Received confirmation this morning that we will be trading at this years Radio 1 Big Weekend. May 9th & 10th, Lydiard Park, Swindon.

If your lucky enough to get tickets we'll see you there.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Fairy Tutu Tiaras

The fairies have been busy in their grotto making more fairy tutu tiaras, these will be added to the website shortly. They are available in different colours and cost £5.00 each. Extra embellishments can be added for an additional £1.00, these could be such things as pixie bells, butterflies, or any other trinkets you would like.