Friday, 14 November 2008

Festive Fairies Are Ready To Go

Well its been a while since I updated the blog now the festival season seems but a distant memory. After a short period to rest my weary wings, it has been busier than ever with a good mix of fairy parties to attend and of course the Christmas season to prepare for.

I have booked a stall at the NEC Christmas Gift Fayre next week, so I have been running round manically trying to get everything ready. I now have a new range of fairy headdresses designed so I have spent the morning glittering them and glueing fluff onto my fairy wands.

I have loads of new stock in so hopefully it will be a busy show with lots of people wanting to buy their children fairy outfits. I have made myself a new floor length purple festival style fairy skirt and I am having a purple corset top made to match, now I just need to make myself new fairy wings before next week!!!

My daughter had an Haiwan themed day at her nursery today in aid of Children In Need, so I dressed her as a Haiwan Fairy, if theres the slightest chance I can bring the fairy theme into most events. She looked gorgeous.

Tonight I am busy at the school Christmas Fayre, where I have set up a stall for the pre-school, where the kids can make their own Magic Reindeer Food, and yes you guessed it I will be dressed as a fairy!

Right must fly.

Fairy Wishes

Friday, 5 September 2008

Towersey Village Festival Photos

Towersey Village Festival

Well firstly let me apologise for the delay in writing up the review of this event but better late than never.

After the chaotic atmosphere at V, I was really looking forward to this festival. Saff and I arrived on site Thursday afternoon to be directed to our pitch which as per usual was not quite what had been expected. The size was smaller than had been booked so I wasted an hour trying to get things moved about to give us room to pitch behind the stall. Things like this always seem to happen but they never get any less annoying as it wastes time that I'd rather spend actually getting the stall set up. The other dissapointing factor was there was another fairy stall less than 2 minutes from our stall, they were lovely people who no doubt were also none to happy about us being there. Still despite all that we set the stall up and got ready for the following day.

Towersey is an unusual festival, it has the feel of a village fete and you walk through the campsite to get to the different areas of the festival. I thought this worked really well as the campsite became part of the festival rather than being in a field miles away. The highlight of the evenings seemed to be the Ceilidh which was held in a massive marquee. It was fantastic fun with everyone dancing from tiny kids to grandparents, some taking it very seriously and others clearly with no idea what was happening. Having joined in for one dance I would put myself firmly in the second group, dancing in your wellies, trying to keep up when you don't know the steps is incredibably hard but very funny.

Overall really enjoyed this festival as did the kids who came with Dan at the weekend, although they spent most of their time busy in the play park. My only complaint would be with regard to the night bat walk. My son was desperate to take part so we wrapped up warm and made are way to the venue only to discover it was full, having only had spaces for 16 people. To say I lost my fairy vibe would be an understatement as it was not only my son who was in tears but I saw many other families also dissapointed, I felt it should of been stated on the programme that spaces for this activity were limited and then we could of prewarned the children they might not be able to take part.

Apart from that I thought it was a lovely festival with lots going on and a really good feel to it.

Check out the above slide show of the customers we managed to snap.

Fairy Finesse are now getting busy booking up the Christmas gift fairs so will add these to the site as soon as all confirmed.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Monday, 18 August 2008

V Festival, Chelmsford

This was something different for us as we usually attend more family orientated festivals but as we live only minutes from the site I thought it would be a good idea to go.

I approached the event with some trepidation as I was very unsure what to expect. However after the usual hassles of getting on site to set up, the sun was shining and I felt a bit more positive about it all. The grotto looked great really colourful and stocked with more tutus than ever before.

Living so close it was lovely to be able to go home and shower etc and get ready for the first day with such home comforts as a proper cup of tea and flushing toilet (though not at the same time!)

Saturday proved to be much as predicted we were busy, everyone was drunk but happy and the site began to look more rubbish infested by the minute. The fencing opposite the stall soon became a public toilet but overall the atmosphere was good and the weather held out.

Sunday started grey but by the time we were on site the sun was out and it was scorching. After spending a good chunk of time getting the swimming pool off the roof of the grotto we were ready for another busy day. The atmosphere on Sunday felt a lot better and more relaxed, I think most people were a feeling a bit more sedate after their second night of not much sleep and overall I felt it was a better day. we didn't get to see much of the music but I did catch Amy Macdonald who was fantastic and Dan went to see Stereophonics who were great apparently.

Rosie helped on the stall once more as did our friends Steve and Alison who jumped in when ever we needed them and also very kindly took Saff with them to see alot of the bands.

We met some lovely people and caught loads of you on camera so see if you can spot yourself on the slide show.

Today was spent drying everything out and reloading up the car for the next festival Towersey Village Festival which is a much more family friendly festival so will be more relaxed hopefully.

Stokes Bay Festival

I'm still waiting on my photos for Stokes Bay Festival but this was a fairly quiet event for us. It was situated right on the Solent which did mean wind was a problem for both us and alot of other traders. Perhaps I better clarify thats wind from the sea that was a problem not from us fairies!

I had a new fairy helper Rosie and between ourselves and my parents who had come to help transport all our stall we got the fairy grotto up fairly quickly. However putting the tent up proved more difficult as the ground was solid and tent pegs wouldn't go in. It took longer to put up a tent than it did to set up the whole stall. On the first night the wind picked up and I woke to a loud noise at about 2am. After about ten minutes of wondering whether I should check the stall I finally plucked up courage and was horrified to see the whole back and roof of the stall had blown off and tutus were now flapping in the wind! I woke Saff and Rosie up to help mend it but luckily Peter the festival organiser was passing and he quickly got the security blokes to come and help get the tarpaulin back on, no easy task in a strong wind. That taught me a valuable lesson about the amount of clamps needed to make the stall secure!

The rest of the festival passed without incident thankfully but I think we were all glad (apart from the kids) when it was time to pack up and go home.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Guilfest 2008

The fairies (and of course my husband) had a great time at Guilfest, the sun shone for most of it and we sold loads of lovely tutus and wings to wanna be fairies of all ages, what more could we wish for.

Thursday dawned bright and sunny but with rain forecast. After dropping off the little people, I set off on my own for Guilfest. By the time I arrived the clouds were gathering. Having been directed to my pitch I then sat and pondered where to start but the threat of rain spurred me on. Having got the gazebo up and pegged I was delighted to receive the news on the fairy phone that my fairy friend Trixie had arrived to help. After treking round the festival site in completely the wrong direction I eventually spotted her, a tiny fairy dwarfed by a heavy rucksack. The rather worrying view that the space behind the stall was going to be used by others if we didn't fill it, made putting up my tent more urgent, which I have to say Trixie was much better at than me. Having got the tent and toilet tent up (well fairies don't like to slum it!) we took the opportunity to sit in the glorious sunshine and chat to our fairy friend Sparkle whos fairy yurt was pitched just along from us. The rest was soon interuppted by thunder and lightning so we had to retreat back into the gazebo to press on with turning it into our fairy grotto. By the time Dan arrived at 7.30pm it looked good but still not finished and it was still raining! However did manage to get this photo of the wonderful rainbow that appeared over the site when the sun did finally come out. We called it a day a couple of hours later and headed off into Guildford in search of food.

Friday dawned sunny so after a trip to Sainsburys to stock up on food and get some breakfast we were at last ready to open the stall. Trixie and I spent time making up more fairy hair while Dan got busy selling tutus. It soon became apparent I hadn't taken enough larger sizes so the rest of the weekend was spent watching people squeeze into tutus made for a one year old but they looked great.

Saturday, Dan collected our little fairies and goblin from my mums and the rest of the day passed in a whirl of taking turns with them in the Kidszone and serving on the stall which remained packed all day. We closed up a little earlier on Saturday as the little ones were shattered and Dan & Saff went off to catch the end of Blondie in the main arena. I listened to Bowling For Soup tucked up in my sleeping bag.

Sunday morning was a wet and windy as it poured until after lunch. I think alot of people packed up and went home which was a shame as in the afternoon the sun came back out. It was more relaxed on the stall but we did a steady trade in wings and other fairy goodies.

Overall this was a lovely festival with a really friendly safe feel to it, can't wait for next year.
The fairies are now busy for the next couple of weeks with fairy birthday parties and then packing up for Stokes Bay Festival. This one looks great so hope to see you there
Some of our fairy customers can be seen in the slide show below so see if you can spot your self.

Guilfest 2008

Friday, 27 June 2008

3 Wishes Faery Fest

Well we're back from the 3 Wishes Faery Fest, having survived the rain and wind, dissapointed my brand new massive all singing and dancing tent still managed to leak!! I'm now sitting in what was once our lovely dining room but has since evolved into the kids play room but now seems to have turned into the Fairy Finesse stock room and not a very tidy one at that. You can harldy see the computer due to tutus and wings everywhere!

Its been a busy week drying all our camping bits out, getting the kids back into a routine and of course getting ready for Guilfest next week. It's also been very busy on the party front with lots of bookings taken this week and a party tommorow to prepare for.

The trip to 3Wishes did not start well, we set off last Thursday in my very overloaded car only to reach the traffic lights down the road before people starting beeping and pointing at us. No they weren't impressed by my amazing driving ability but more stunned by my stupidity at driving off without closing my roof box properly! We had left a trail of wings and fairy hair all along the road, and after Saff and me running to capture them all before they got ruined we then had the impossible task of trying to reclose the roof box while parked at a busy junction. It was not looking good and I must admit I was almost ready to admit defeat as the box refused to lock, eventually after going begging to the tool hire shop and borrowing a length of rope we managed to close the box and get back home for a repack. The box still refused to lock so several bungees and rope ties later we set off for Cornwall. Needless to say the bungees did not last the trip and we had to retie several times after losing an orange tutu on route!

Eventually we arrived on Bodmin Moor feeling tired and stressed but at least it was still dry and we managed to get the stall up, if not much else. Several hours later after a dash to the local A&E with our poor friend Kate who badly scalded her legs from a camping kettle accident we collapsed exhausted into our b&b for the night. Unfortunately the luxury of that was not for the whole trip as the next morning my mum and Saff battled to get the tent up before the rain really got going.

It then rained continously for the next two days with Saturday night also bringing strong winds. Sunday thankfully dawned sunny if not warm so at least the stall had a chance to dry out and it was lovely to see the arena full of people at last. Despite the rotten start to our trip we did manage to sell loads of fairy goodies to the festival goers once again our fairy hair proved our most popular item.
Our lovely new friend Vicky

Are we having fun yet?

Some of our fairy customers;

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Mooch With The Fairies

Fairy Finesse had a lovely time at 'Mooching With The Fairies' at Sparkles Fairy Festival last weekend. I unfortunately was only able to go on the Sunday and was very jealous when my husband and daughter set off Saturday morning. They had a good day particularly thanks to the helpful people on the next stall who spent time teaching them diablo and poi tricks.

I set off to man the stall on the Sunday along with my lovely mum. By the time we arrived the fairies really where smiling down on us as it was a scorcher of a day. The site looked fantastically colourful and everywhere you looked where fairies and other magical creatures. The venue of Groombridge Place couldn't of been better with wandering peacocks and beautiful gardens and of course the enchanted forest.

The day passed very quickly as we sold so many wonderful goodies to fairies young and slightly more mature. Our most popular product proved to be our new fairy hair so I was very pleased about that and am now busy making more for the upcoming 3wishesfaeryfest.

Heres just a few of our lovely customers;