Monday, 29 June 2009

Freedom Fun Festival

I set off with my youngest fairy in tow on Thursday afternoon to set up for the Freedom Fun Festival. We stopped on route to collect my mum, after a refreshing cup of tea we all got loaded back in the fairy machine only to find it wouldn't start!! After calling out the breakdown service it was confirmed my battery had died so we due to time delays of getting and fitting a new one, we didn't actually get to the festival site that day. Friday morning we set off bright and early and soon arrived and got the stall set out. However there didn't appear to be anyone there apart from people working at the festival so we deceided to leave early.

Saturday was spent at a Fairy Birthday Party, and Dan went down to the festival. He reported back that although fairly quiet, people loved our fairy goodies so all was not lost. I set off once again for the festival Sunday morning with all my fairy clan in tow but was a little amazed to find them taking down the stage when we got there. After milling around we eventually discovered due to poor attendance they had had to make the sad decision to close early. This was a little dissapointing as we had been all set for another day and in the end it felt a bit of a waste of time but still the sun was shining and my two little ones had a great time. Someone inventive had pegged out a large tarpaulin and given the kids a large bucket of water, they then amused themselves for hours.

I am now back to preparing for this weeks 3 Foot High Festival and then the Fling at the weekend. I am going to be a busy fairy and feeling a little frazzled in the heat although it is beautiful out there.

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