Friday, 5 September 2008

Towersey Village Festival Photos

Towersey Village Festival

Well firstly let me apologise for the delay in writing up the review of this event but better late than never.

After the chaotic atmosphere at V, I was really looking forward to this festival. Saff and I arrived on site Thursday afternoon to be directed to our pitch which as per usual was not quite what had been expected. The size was smaller than had been booked so I wasted an hour trying to get things moved about to give us room to pitch behind the stall. Things like this always seem to happen but they never get any less annoying as it wastes time that I'd rather spend actually getting the stall set up. The other dissapointing factor was there was another fairy stall less than 2 minutes from our stall, they were lovely people who no doubt were also none to happy about us being there. Still despite all that we set the stall up and got ready for the following day.

Towersey is an unusual festival, it has the feel of a village fete and you walk through the campsite to get to the different areas of the festival. I thought this worked really well as the campsite became part of the festival rather than being in a field miles away. The highlight of the evenings seemed to be the Ceilidh which was held in a massive marquee. It was fantastic fun with everyone dancing from tiny kids to grandparents, some taking it very seriously and others clearly with no idea what was happening. Having joined in for one dance I would put myself firmly in the second group, dancing in your wellies, trying to keep up when you don't know the steps is incredibably hard but very funny.

Overall really enjoyed this festival as did the kids who came with Dan at the weekend, although they spent most of their time busy in the play park. My only complaint would be with regard to the night bat walk. My son was desperate to take part so we wrapped up warm and made are way to the venue only to discover it was full, having only had spaces for 16 people. To say I lost my fairy vibe would be an understatement as it was not only my son who was in tears but I saw many other families also dissapointed, I felt it should of been stated on the programme that spaces for this activity were limited and then we could of prewarned the children they might not be able to take part.

Apart from that I thought it was a lovely festival with lots going on and a really good feel to it.

Check out the above slide show of the customers we managed to snap.

Fairy Finesse are now getting busy booking up the Christmas gift fairs so will add these to the site as soon as all confirmed.