Friday, 25 September 2009

Falling into Change

Well feel my last blog was a little bit down as I was still feeling the pain of the V Festival but never a fairy to keep her wings down for long I'm now back fluttering forward into autumn.

Things have been hectic as ever here at Fairy Finesse, we recently attended the Essex Country Show which is held at Barleylands Farm, Billericay, only about half an hour from here. This made it possible to travel up each day and come home which is always an easier option than camping.

I didn't have any great hopes for this event as I wasn't sure how much people spend at this type of family day out, so I was very pleased to find sales far outreached my expectations. I did a steady trade in tutus and fairy bits and pieces.

I am in the process of launching a new branch to my fairy tree, in the guise of 'Dotsy Daisy', a completely handmade boutique selling a range of totally scrumptious girly goodies. A few things inspired from my fairy creations including some new tutus but in the totally softest tulle ever, but a large part of the boutique will be fabulous and funky hair accessories. More to come on that later....

I also have a new job starting new week as a Community Arts Officer for Disability Essex. I'm very excited about getting started on this project.

Fairy Finesse will of course keep going, maybe with a few less parties for the time being but I will still be selling my fairy wares whenever and whereever possible.

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