Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Radio 1 Big Weekend

Well I'm a bit late writing up about the Radio 1 Big Weekend, but better late than never. It has been so hectic here at Fairy Finesse since our return that I haven't had a chance and then as the days go by inspiration on what to write also fades.

Anyway this was a strange event, I felt. Lots of people but the site never seemed very busy probably due to the fact that most people headed straight for the main stage tent and didn't really move again.

The weather forecast had been mixed for the weekend so it was with some trepidation I set off on my own for Swindon early Friday morning. It was long before the rain was pouring down and it felt slight strange listening to the Chris Moyles show on the radio talking about the festival site when your on your way there. Miraculously just as I pulled off the motorway the rain stopped and the sun came out. Pitching a stall in the rain is miserable I think theres only one thing worse and thats the wind. By the time we were allowed onto site (the bigger the festival the more hassle everything ends up being)the wind was blowing furiously across the park. After helping the ladies next to me pitch their tent I attempted to pitch my own stall and thankfully the said ladies then helped me, as it took three of us nearly an hour to get the stall up and pegged down as the wind kept moving it.

I spent Friday enclosed in my stall trying to set up while the tarpaulins took a battering from the wind. Around 5pm the wind suddenly ceased to my relief and I was able to press on with sorting out stock. It was with much joy when I received word that my fairy clan had arrived to help, it's always much easier dealing with any hassles when your not on your own.

Saturday dawned dry and at times sunny and come midday the crowds poured in, despite this the day felt fairly quiet. Sunday was much the better day for lovely sunshine and the site also felt busier and had alot more atmosphere. I didn't catch much of the music as I was on the stall but I did see Snow Patrol who were great and also the sound clash with Vernon and Peter Tong. The main tent was packed solid for the Prodigy who started their set but then the power went out and they had to go off. Fortunately things were soon up and running again otherwise there would of been alot of disgrunted people. The noise and vibrations coming from them set off loads of car alarms on the site so along with them you could hear a constant beeping noise.

Overall although not a busy festival for us we enjoyed ourselves and it got us back in the swing of the festivals ready for the season ahead.