Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Wychwood Festival 2009

Well this was our first trip to Wychwood and one we really enjoyed. The festival is based on Cheltenham racecourse so admittedly parts of the site looked a bit ugly but the main arena was predominantly grassed and was lovely.

Luckily for us fairies my in-laws live just near the site so I was able to drop the little people there for the afternoon while Sapphire and myself set up the stall. There were the usual delays with getting our pitch sorted but it was worth the wait as I felt we had a good spot with loads of room for our massive tent behind (always a problem!) After collecting the little people again and get them settled we plodded on with set up until it got dark, when we discovered our lights had packed up again!! After a late night dash to collect our lovely new festival nanny Gina from the station, and then a lovely cup of tea and a natter, I was more than ready for my sleeping bag.

Friday dawned hot and sunny so we ploughed on with the stall only to later discover the festival didn't start till 5pm not lunchtime as we had been told. The kids were also frustrated as the kidszone didn't start till then either. However it was too hot to get cross, the was nothing for it but to enjoy the sunshine. When the festival did eventually start, trade was steady with tutus our most popular item. Dan arrived around 10pm as my knight in shining armour as he had come armed with new fuses for my stall lights, finally there was light.

Saturday was another hot and sunny day (very rare in the festival world) and trade was steady all day. The kids and Gina enjoyed the kidszone which I thought was really good. My little fairy absolutely loved the willow wigwam and spents ages weaving ribbons onto it.

Sunday was again hot but was a slow day for us and quite a few other traders. People were there but not really looking round the stalls which was a shame. There were lots more chairs in the main areana (never a good sign) I think maybe everyone was just hot and tired by then.

I didn't take many photos this time, I was being too lazy to dig my camera out for most of the festival but did manage to capture a few of our customers, I think the heat got to me.

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