Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Fairy Finesse recently attended the RSPCA annual fundraising day at Blackmore End, Essex. The rain held off and the sun shone bright making for a great day for everyone that came along to support this fundraising event.

There was a mixture of stalls selling everything from charm bracelets to fresh olives and a variety of arena events and of course a dog show. The 'Red Barrows' are definately worth a mention as they were hilarious. A group of men dressed in red jump suits 'flying' wheel barrows is awe inspiring stunts! It was as strange as it sounds.

We set up our brand new completely weatherproof grotto and offered fairy themed craft activities for the children. I spent many a happy moment admiring my new grotto.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Some of our wings...

These are a small selection of our previous made wings. I am currently working on loads of new designs and colours and will upload these as soon as they are complete.

3 Wishes Fairy Fest

We recently attended the 3 Wishes Fairy Fest on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. I persuaded my mum to come along to assist me and offer abit of moral support as I was unsure what to expect. My daughter also came so we made it a real girls outing.

Having driven down through rain showers, the sky seemed to get blacker the nearer we got and by the time we crossed into Cornwall I very worried about the weather for the weekend. Tired and abit disheartned we opted not to set up camp that night but to stay at the local Travelodge, a decision that was probably not such a good idea as the room was very smelly!

Friday dawned damp but not actually raining so we headed off early for the festival site keen to set up before the rain came. We arrived and found that the arena pitch we had booked was not available, the only space left was on a very steep slope so we opted for a woodland pitch along the pixie path, a decision that proved fairy fantastic as everyone going into and out of the arena had to walk past us.

The rain held off for the most of the day so we were able to set up and decorate the fairy grotto and get our tents pitched, something we were dreading not being natural campers!

One tent part up, just one more to go!

The final result looked great and the beautiful colours of the tutus caught everyones eye.

Sapphire having abit of a grumpy fairy moment but it only lasted a few minutes before she was back in full helpful fairy mode.

My poor mum spent the whole weekend sewing! She altered everyones wings and tutus to make sure they were a fairy perfect fit. Thanks Mum, I don't think I could of managed without you.

The festival was fabulous, we met so many lovely people, everyone was more than happy to stop and have a chat which for me was great as I love to talk!

The Saturday was also mostly dry and we did a brisk trade in wings & tutus with many of our customers happy to pose for the camera.

Unfortunately we woke up Sunday morning to a very water logged grotto. Sapphire, my mum and I spent a good hour mopping out and resetting up the grotto ready for our fairy craft workshops.

However about an hour later the heavens opened once more and we had to admit defeat and once again begin the clean up operation.

Overall a great time was had by us all and we are hoping to return again next year this time with our new waterproof grotto!


Welcome to my new blog spot. This is the place to see photos and reviews of events we have attended. News on upcoming fairy plans. I will also be showcasing new products here first.

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