Thursday, 2 July 2009

3 Foot People Festival

Well this one wasn't a fairy event just something I was asked to help with. This was the Enchanted Forest workshop I have been working on for the last few weeks.

Overall I think the workshop went well and seemed fairly popular. The trees resembled trees so that was a good start and they looked really nice once the children started decorating the recycled items to put on them. We also made butterflies with the children out of coffee filters and pipe cleaners. I worked yesterday at the event but spent today there with my youngest just enjoying the main different activities available.

We made a fairy crown with the Fairyland Trust, we made necklaces and bracelets, a wonderful fish out of willow and of course butterflies. The sun shone and the park looked wonderful with all the different coloured tents and flags.

I am now busy preparing for the weekends event, The Fling. This is a mini festival for over 18's held at the same venue as the 3 Foot People event. This time I will be representing Fairy Finesse with a willow fairy wing workshop. I currently have my willow soaking in the kids paddling pool!

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