Thursday, 11 March 2010

Rainbow Tutu

Well yesterday I felt inspired to make something. At last I had a day with no arts officer bits to do, so off I went to the local sewing shop. I purchased a children's dress pattern which the lady assured me was simple. My daughter choose some gorgeous fabric and excitedly I got started.....then had to stop:( My sewing is fairly basic and self taught so although I can sew a little bit I can't follow a pattern. I cut out the basic bits and then couldn't make head nor tail of it. very disappointing but I am off to visit to my mum in hospital this evening so I will be taking it along to see if she can explain it to me. I miss my mum being at the end of the phone very much, I depend on her so much normally for chats/advice etc.

In the end I had to go back to what I know best and I made a rainbow tutu instead. I had planned to build up my stocks of this type of tutu to sell at this years festivals. They were popular at the christmas events I attended but the problem with them is storing and transporting them as they don't lend themselves to being packed small. My mission is one tutu a day (or the equivilant per week) Its never going to happen as I have already wasted this morning messing about.

Anyway let me know what you think.

Kerry x


Anonymous said...

Hiya Kerry, so good to chat with you today, I hav a few crafty friends but only one that sells. LOve the rainbow tutu, just grogeous I know a couple of little girls who would love it - def one for the festivals I think :0) have a fab day xxb

parentshaped said...

Firstly I LOVE your site!!!! My daughther is called Cliodhna, in case you didn't know is Gaelic for Fairy Princess. So we LOVE you!!!
Do you have a catalogue? Or do you custom make items such as your dresses? It's my daughter's 5th birthday in four weeks and I am looking for something sepcial for her I wonder if you have any ideas?
Fairy wishes
Mumzebo and Cliodhna

Kerry Fairy said...

oh thank you, I'm really touched that you like both my blog and the tutu.

I have never heard of the name Cliodhna before but its lovely. I could make her a really special tutu with ribbons and flowers in whatever colours she likes with maybe a hair bow to match? Let me know if you like the sound of that or I do have fairy wings and wands as well.

Kerry x