Wednesday, 24 March 2010

New Craft Space - A Work In Progress

Well I have been longing for some extra work space for a LONG time but it just wasn't happening. Anyway after some careful negotitaion with my daughter she has agreed to move her bedroom downstairs into what was once our dining room but we then changed it into a family room. No one used the room much as its cold!!! but she is also desperate for more space and said she didn't mind the cold (oh well summer is on the way)

After she had removed all her junk from the walls it was covered in blue tack marks and holes, so I have polyfilled and painted the walls. I was meant to go to Ikea to get a new storage unit today but as I was rushing out the house to take my youngest to collect her new glasses from the hospital I discovered my husband had gone to work with my car keys in his pocket!!! So no ikea trip and a very slow journey with my little one on her bike.

Can't wait to get in my new room and actually getting some work done.

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Beach Bygones said...

Good luck with the decorating! Ikea just wasn't meant to be today!