Friday, 19 February 2010

Whoosh Messy Art Workshop

Right kids SMILE and look like your having fun!!!!!!! Don't you hate it when your little ones just won't play their part!

As some of you may know, sometimes I'm an undercover fairy working incognito as a Community Arts Officer. So Tuesday was spent at a messy art workshop at Whoosh, in Chelmsford, Essex! It was only a small group but I took my two little ones along as well so I was kept busy keeping everything under control.

The children were lovely and I already knew one of them from another group I worked with recently, so that was great. We made monster hands, pebble pets and jigsaw aliens. Lots of paint, lots of glue, and most importantly lots of glitter!!!

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Anonymous said...

I've just awarded you the sunshine award :)

Have a fairy glitter lovely day..xxb