Friday, 11 July 2008

Guilfest 2008

The fairies (and of course my husband) had a great time at Guilfest, the sun shone for most of it and we sold loads of lovely tutus and wings to wanna be fairies of all ages, what more could we wish for.

Thursday dawned bright and sunny but with rain forecast. After dropping off the little people, I set off on my own for Guilfest. By the time I arrived the clouds were gathering. Having been directed to my pitch I then sat and pondered where to start but the threat of rain spurred me on. Having got the gazebo up and pegged I was delighted to receive the news on the fairy phone that my fairy friend Trixie had arrived to help. After treking round the festival site in completely the wrong direction I eventually spotted her, a tiny fairy dwarfed by a heavy rucksack. The rather worrying view that the space behind the stall was going to be used by others if we didn't fill it, made putting up my tent more urgent, which I have to say Trixie was much better at than me. Having got the tent and toilet tent up (well fairies don't like to slum it!) we took the opportunity to sit in the glorious sunshine and chat to our fairy friend Sparkle whos fairy yurt was pitched just along from us. The rest was soon interuppted by thunder and lightning so we had to retreat back into the gazebo to press on with turning it into our fairy grotto. By the time Dan arrived at 7.30pm it looked good but still not finished and it was still raining! However did manage to get this photo of the wonderful rainbow that appeared over the site when the sun did finally come out. We called it a day a couple of hours later and headed off into Guildford in search of food.

Friday dawned sunny so after a trip to Sainsburys to stock up on food and get some breakfast we were at last ready to open the stall. Trixie and I spent time making up more fairy hair while Dan got busy selling tutus. It soon became apparent I hadn't taken enough larger sizes so the rest of the weekend was spent watching people squeeze into tutus made for a one year old but they looked great.

Saturday, Dan collected our little fairies and goblin from my mums and the rest of the day passed in a whirl of taking turns with them in the Kidszone and serving on the stall which remained packed all day. We closed up a little earlier on Saturday as the little ones were shattered and Dan & Saff went off to catch the end of Blondie in the main arena. I listened to Bowling For Soup tucked up in my sleeping bag.

Sunday morning was a wet and windy as it poured until after lunch. I think alot of people packed up and went home which was a shame as in the afternoon the sun came back out. It was more relaxed on the stall but we did a steady trade in wings and other fairy goodies.

Overall this was a lovely festival with a really friendly safe feel to it, can't wait for next year.
The fairies are now busy for the next couple of weeks with fairy birthday parties and then packing up for Stokes Bay Festival. This one looks great so hope to see you there
Some of our fairy customers can be seen in the slide show below so see if you can spot your self.

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