Thursday, 24 April 2008


Well we have arrived back from Holland having attended the Elf Fantasy Fair. This was a fantastic event covering a great variety of fantasy and gothic themes. It was set in the stunning grounds of the Castle de Haag near Utrecht.
Fairy Finesse had a stall selling our fairy wings, tutus, wands, dresses and other magical clothing. Having travelled all the way there loaded up with fairy goodies plus three kids and my ever tolerant husband I was slightly apprehensive as to whether it was a good idea on my part. However we did really well selling loads of wings to some lovely people. Sales surpassed my expectations so I was a very happy fairy.
The whole event had a lovely feel to it and the people couldn't of been friendlier despite my appalling lack of dutch.
I now have the busy task of making loads more wings for the upcoming festivals in this country I just need a little sprinkling of fairy magic to give me more time.

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